but it is written on tablets of human hearts

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Broad City speaking the TRUTH.

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Do you have moments where you kinda think critically about each other and just think “Oh, I don’t wanna say anything” or do you say? (x)

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Idina Menzel: The Billboard Cover Shoot (x)

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Today I went to the Met with my mother to see the new contemporary Chinese Art exhibit Ink Art. Usually when my mother comes with me to art museums, we usually go our separate ways and do our own thing and meet up afterwards and sometimes we talk about what we saw, but most of the time we don’t.

Going with her to the Chinese art exhibit was really enjoyable because she was able to read the Chinese on some of the paintings or explain some features of the characters that really enhanced my understanding and reading of some of the works. She also seemed to really enjoy it and for the first time we were walking through the exhibit together and conversing about everything we saw.

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'I want a happy life and I want to control my fate.'

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this art paper

i’ve literally spent an entire paragraph discussing the concept of a mushroom versus the word mushroom in relation to mediation and subversion of language.

i’ve never typed the word mushroom so frequently in my life.

and now i’ve typed it even more.

mushroom. mushroom. mushroom. 3 more times.

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